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.: Welcome To the E-Z Pull Door Closer Homepage

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We are pleased to Introduce the E-Z Pull Door Closer, The Easiest way to close a door behind you. EVER!

Simple Design and Construction, Inexpensive, Built To Last, Flexible, and made to fit the Decor of any Older Model or Modern Built Home.

Created with ease of use and installation in mind, this device will make your independent life just that much easier!

Now Comes with a "Lifetime Warranty!"

Our Lifetime warranty replaces any unit damaged through normal use... For Life!

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.: Its Inexpensive, Easy to Install, and Easy to Use!

Developed by a Disabled Man, out of necessity, the E-Z Pull Door Closer allows anyone living alone regularly using a walker, wheelchair, or mobility scooter, to easily close any size door behind them with little to no effort.

After a quick Un-packaging, simply snap it to the door handle, apply the hook to the door and, Presto! A door you can easily close behind you from a sitting position with Little to no Effort!

Saving you time and money by making it many times easier to close your doors, without expensive remodeling or retrofitting of your home! Saving you Possibly Thousands of Dollars in Construction Costs!

Blends into your Home Decor so it will barely be noticed!

.: How It Began

After Becoming a Paraplegic in his late 40's, the Developer of the E-Z Pull Door Closer Earl Hielm, was very used to his independence. However, after having his home Remodeled, He still found it difficult to close certain doors behind him. This forced Earl to the Drawing Board...

After several Years of Trial and Error, he finally had the inexpensive, and non-invasive solution he was looking for... The E-Z Pull Door Closer was Born!

Now after all that, Earl decided that others should take advantage of this wonderful device!

So this site, and the fantastic Device sold within, Is Dedicated to the Hardworking, and Independent Wheelchair Users All Across The Globe!


Please see the Installation Instructions Further Down the Page for details on just how easily the E-Z Pull Door Closer™ can be installed in your home!

.: Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to visit www.E-ZPullDoor.com we appreciate your interest and hope our products help you as much as they help us :-)

Thanks Again,

Swervin- Earl Hielm

Creator of the E-Z Pull Door Closer




(Please Click on an Image to Enlarge it for Viewing or Printing)

At the Molded End, Place the Shepherds Hook opening at the Base of the Door Handle.

Gently Pull the Shepherds Hook Around the Base of The Door Handle until it Snaps into Place.

Locate the Arm Hook (Included). Grab a small pencil.

Make a small mark where you would like the end of the handle to rest when not being used. Use the arm hook as a visual aid to see how it will look.

Remove the dust pad from the Adhesive and apply the Arm Hook to the Door at your mark. Pressing firmly against it to secure it to the door.

Using the Arm Hook, gently rest the Arm across the back of the door until needed.

Now You are able to easily close the open door without reaching the Doorknob, by using the E-Z Pull Door Closer™

Further Instructions for a Customized Bend - to your preference, in your E-Z Pull Door Closer™

Important !!! Please be sure to set the Hook location far enough in to accommodate the desired bend Prior to performing the steps below.

Any Angle can be achieved, double check that the bend is going to face the correct direction (Away from the Door)

(Be Careful NOT to Overheat the material the E-Z Pull Door Closer is made from, the heating must be even, done by rotating the dryer around the material and not staying in one place)

( ***CAUTION***  When using heat gun or hair dryer, ALWAYS use caution as these or any device producing heat above 140 Degrees can cause Severe Burns. ALWAYS wear the proper safety and protective equipment to avoid injury. Swervin-Earl Productions Inc. and the E-Z Pull™ Door Closer Team, ask that you take care when modifying the product. As we are not responsible for any injuries incurred. )

(Please Click on an Image to Enlarge it for Viewing or Printing)

Determine on the Door, the Direction you Will bend the E-Z Pull Door Closer. Secure the Shepherds hook end on a flat surface using a weight or book.

Using a Blow Dryer, insuring that the bend will be facing the proper direction, begin to evenly heat the end to be bent.

Continue even heating, until the material begins to bend slowly towards the floor.

Using a Glove or Oven Mitt, Gently grab the end and support it while continuously heating as even as possible.

With light pressure, bend to desired angle, as rod becomes pliable. Making sure to bend slowly and not force the end.

You may set the E-Z Pull in place to see if you have the desired angle.

Once the desired angle is reached, simply reattach to the door per the original instructions.


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