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Inexpensive & Flexible Door Closer

E-Z Pull Door Closer™

Simple Design, Inexpensive, Built to Last, Flexible, and made to fit the Decor of any home.

Created with ease of use and installation in mind, this device will make your independent life easier!

After un-packaging, simply snap it to the door handle, apply the peel & stick hook, Presto! A door you can easily close behind you from a sitting position with little to no Effort!

Lifetime Warranty included!



After Becoming a paraplegic in his late 40's, Earl Hielm was very used to his independence. However, after having his home Remodeled, Earl found it difficult to close certain doors behind him. He returned to the Drawing Board.

After several Years of Trial and Error, the E-Z Pull Door Closer™ was Born!

Earl has decided that others should take advantage of this wonderful device!

This site is Dedicated to the Hardworking, and Independent Wheelchair Users Everywhere!

E-Z Pull Door Closer

Installing the E-ZPull Door Closer™

At the Molded End, place the Shepherds Hook opening at the Base of the Door Handle.

Gently Pull the Shepherds Hook around the Base of The Door Handle until it snaps into place

Locate the Arm Hook.

Make a small mark for the end of the handle to rest when not being used. Use the arm hook as a visual.

Remove the dust pad from the Adhesive and apply the Arm Hook to the Door at your mark. Pressing firmly against to secure it to the door.

Using the Arm Hook, gently rest the Arm across the door until needed.

You are ready to close the open door without reaching the Doorknob, using the E-Z Pull Door Closer™.

Modifying Your E-Z Pull Door Closer™

Important!!! Please be sure to set the Hook in a location to accommodate the desired bend prior to performing the steps below. Any Angle can be achieved, ensure the bend is facing away from the door.

(Be Careful NOT to Overheat the E-Z Pull Door Closer™. Heat must be even, rotating the dryer around the material)




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